10 Most Awesome Playgrounds From Around The World

We’ve been seeing a lot of really cool playgrounds popping up all over the world recently and thought that it was about time we put together a list of some of our favorites. Below we’ve ranked our Top 10 playgrounds in ascending order of awesomeness. We hope you enjoy it and are as excited as we are about this renewed interested in playgrounds.

1. Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground Foam Building Blocks

Image: Imagination Playground

We’ll start with a playground that comes in a box. Imagination Playground has created a system of blue foam blocks with which children can build their own unique playground. There are no fixed play structures like the ones usually found at playgrounds and this is exactly the point. Children are instead encouraged to experiment and create through unstructured and free-form play.

2. The Fruit and Scent Playground

Fruit and Scent Playground Sweden

Image: Lisa Christina Love

This playground in Stockholm, Sweden is fairly small, but definitely worth mentioning for its design. The handful of play structures are modeled after fruit and include a banana slide and cherry swings. Besides being a fun place to play, the playground was also designed to encourage children to eat healthy.

3. Angry Birds Playgrounds

Angry Birds Activity Parks by Lappset

Image: bbc.co.uk

We’ve already covered a couple of Angry Birds-themed projects on this site, but we couldn’t put together a list of playgrounds without a brief look at the Angry Birds Activity Parks designed by Lappset. The familiar images of frowning birds and green pigs are sure to draw kids out of the house. Even though some of the products look like they just slapped a bird’s face on standard park equipment, it is the embedded “Digiplay” technology that combines physical activity with videogames that makes these activity parks a cut above the rest.

4. Slither Hill Slide

We couldn’t resist throwing this one in the mix. This Japanese playground is nothing out of the ordinary except for its amazing slide. It’s by far the longest playground slide we’ve ever seen and the colors are a blast. Our only concern is that such a long ride on rollers might leave bottoms a little sore.

5. Henry Vilas Zoo Playground

Henry Vilas Zoo Playground Wisconsin

Image: Waymarking.com

This enormous tree fort at the Henry Vilas Zoo Playground is a great example of a themed environment that blends form and function. Some of the playgrounds earlier in this list may’ve had some real artistic merit, but the actual play structures were fairly typical. In this case, we see the wildlife themed integrated into the activities in a way that offers the children a real adventure.

6. Wiesbaden Playground

WIesbaden Playground by Annabau

With only one structure at this German playground, you’d think it would get old quick. However, the one continuous structure weaves its way around the perimeter of the park and offers a variety of climbing challenges. We wanted to include this park on our list as an example of design that interacts with the terrain and uses that dynamic to create a totally original playscape.

7. Monstrum Playgrounds

Playground by Monstrum

Image: Monstrum

Monstrum’s playgrounds are so cool-looking that we couldn’t just pick one. We’ve already covered their Tower Playground, so we’ll post a picture of the truly unique playground in Hoganas. Although there is nothing high-tech about these playgrounds, Monstrum creates whimsical landscapes that we get lost in just by looking at the pictures. In fact, the activities are so well integrated into the design that they hardly even look like playgrounds.

8. Wallhalla Playground

Wallhalla playground by Carve

Image: zigersnead.com

This enclosed playground by Carve adds a twist to playtime that we’ve never seen before. As a way to save space, the playground has been stacked vertically between walls of wire mesh. The undulating walkways and climbing bars within the walls form distinctive play spaces that couldn’t be arrived at any other way. All the other playgrounds we’ve looked at so far rely on a lot of horizontal space, so it’s quite interesting to see one that could easily fit in a dense urban area.

9. Zabeel Technology Park Dubai

zabeel technology park dubai

In contrast to the above playground, the Zabeel Technology Park sprawls over 47.5 hectares. Although not all of the space is dedicated to play, technology-themed activities are to be found scattered across the park. Grouped into three zones (Alternative Energy, Communications, and Techno), the activities include many interactive displays, as well as a maze modeled after the solar system.

10. Takino Hillside Park

Another park we’ve featured here before, the Takino Hillside Park earns our top spot for its imaginative use of material. Almost everything we’ve looked at so far relies on steel and wood, but this playground proves that there are many more options available. In this case, the play structure is a hand-woven net of yarn. This is definitely the softest playground on the list and it looks just as good for taking a nap as it does for climbing.

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