Hospitality Design

"Hospitality" encompasses some of the most regularly visited and most intimate forms of entertainment design: hotels and restaurants. Hotels, unlike any other venue, have the potential to make the most personal connection with their guests: they act as homes away from home. The most sophisticated hotels will go above and beyond the call of business to create something truly unique, offering guests an entire experience. Similarly, restaurants are places that visitors go to be taken care of and comforted. Delicious food and an attentive wait staff are part of what make a restaurant experience great, but a cohesive theme and integrated entertainment elevates the experience to something magical. Entertainment Designer finds some of the most innovative, creative, and exciting examples of hospitality design across the globe.


Why Poorism Has No Place in Themed Hotel Design

Posted on December 20, 2013

  Tours that go beyond a luxury stay at a secluded resort and allow travelers to really experience life in other parts of the globe are a growing travel trend. This ...

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2014 ICEHOTEL: Ice Artistry and Innovation

Posted on December 2, 2013

Each year, Sweden’s ICEHOTEL brings a wide variety of artistic fantasies to life in ice sculpture. This year’s batch of art suites has been announced and promises to be the ...

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New Restaurant Offers Tables for Two (Number Two That Is) – Toilet Themed Restaurant Comes to LA

Posted on November 29, 2013

Typically when you dine out, you hope it’s not a crappy experience. But a new theme restaurant in LA is gambling that diners will turn up in droves hoping for ...

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The Wheels on the Pub Go Round and Round – Fresh Design Puts a Restaurant on the Road

Posted on November 6, 2013

Dogfish Head Alehouse is a brewery with a playful design sensibility which reflects the comfy ambiance of their pubs and the fun of their namesake Delaware brewery. The new rolling ...

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Miura Hotel in Czech Republic Is Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Posted on October 28, 2013

I would say the Miura Hotel in Celadna, Czech Republic has to be seen to be believed, but I don’t think even that may convince you. The hotel looks like ...

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Mira Moon Hotel in Hong Kong Celebrates Chinese Art, Fable and Crafts

Posted on October 25, 2013

  Mira Moon Hotel will open in the Wanchai District of Hong Kong this Friday and should be a sight to behold. The hotel’s theme is ancient Chinese myth blended mystically ...

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Jekyll and Hyde Terrify Times Square with Chamber of Horrors Haunt

Posted on October 2, 2013

One of the best things about Halloween (other than carte blanche to dress up, act like children and eat bite size Snickers) is the opportunity to go out and pay ...

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Fantasy Fare: 5 Amazing Restaurant and Club Designs by Karina Wiciak

Posted on September 5, 2013

For most designers, once your career is established, your works are commissioned and driven by client goals and budget albeit with latitude for your creative vision. With collection XII, Polish ...

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X Marks the Spot – Fogo Island Inn’s Severe Design Complements Rugged Rock Landscape

Posted on August 30, 2013

A brand new inn on the edge of the North American continent redefines hospitality and offers a vacation experience unlike any other. With temperatures ranging from five degrees in the ...

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Mobile Hotel at New Qatar Airport Offers Planeside Check-In

Posted on August 12, 2013

Ever been on an endless flight and wished you could step off the plane and head straight to bed for much-needed rest? Anew  hotel that will open at Qatar’s soon-to-be-launched ...

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