Artist Vito Acconci Designs Award Winning Playground

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Monday, October 29th, 2012

Vito Acconci's Klein Bottle Playground DesignFamous artist, designer and architect Vito Acconci has designed a cutting edge playground structure for the Miami Design District. The beautiful structure draws its inspiration from mathematical models, with a flowing, continuous design blending inside and out. The structure is going to be as beautiful to look at as it is fun to climb on.

Acconci’s design will be installed as part of a playground in the Miami Design District in 2014. The playground is a beautiful climbing structure for children to play on and in. It will be part of a permanent playground that’s slated for Miami’s Design District, which will feature designs from other artists and studios from around the globe.

Artist Vito Acconci's Portrait

The design was originally intended a part of a humanitarian arts program called Art for The World, which featured many different types of playground designs for poor and underprivileged children. Acconci and other designers made innovative playground structures with unique and experimental designs that were easy to construct, leveraged lower cost materials, and had reasonable maintenance requirements. They were intended to be both a work of art and a functional piece of equipment.

His work embodies this experimental design with a piece that looks more like a representation of a mathematical model than a piece of playground equipment. Acconci drew his inspiration from a model designed by Felix Klein, a German mathematician. The structure is known as a Klein Bottle, and it is famous for being a structure with no discernible inside or outside. The entire structure flows together as one continuous piece, with the lines of inside and outside blurring together into a single visual experience.Klein Bottles

The space where Acconci’s structure will be located will be the first public playground space designed specifically for children in this area. The structure will be both aesthetically pleasing and entertaining. Children will be able to play on and in this structure, climbing in and out of the tubes as well as on top of them. The immediate area around the installation will be geared toward engaging it’s young patrons as well.

Acconci has received the Designer of the Year award for his work in designing this playground structure. The award comes from Design Miami, and is a prestigious recognition of an internationally known designer for having a large impact on the world of design. Acconci has won the award for pushing the boundaries between aesthetic and functional designs. In this playground structure, Acconci has married the two types of design into one very unique piece.

Klein Bottle playground prototype

The Klein Bottle playground is an innovative concept that will be appreciated by parents and enjoyed by children, making it the perfect piece for the first public children’s space of the Miami Design District.

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