The Lullaby Factory: Manufacturing Soothing Melodies at Great Ormonde Street Hospital

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Lullaby Factory Great Ormonde Street Hospital has a new installation which creates both a soothing and welcoming experience for children who are recovering from illnesses. The London-based hospital recently teamed up with design firm Studio Weave and Sound Artist Jessica Curry to develop a unique outdoor organ that manufactures lullabies.

The aptly named Lullaby Factory was manufactured with a specific goal in mind: to help create a relaxing atmosphere for young patients to complete their recovery. The installation consists of a series of tubes, pipes and gauges from a boiler room that was decommissioned in the recent hospital renovation. The vintage equipment gives the Lullaby Factory an industrial feel, coupled with the unique and complex beauty of musical instruments.The Lullaby FactoryThe Lullaby Factory is nestled between two of Great Ormonde Street Hospital’s buildings, the newly renovated Morgan Stanley Clinical Building and the 1930s Southwood Building. Its design fits in seamlessly with the urban landscape. In order to preserve and complement the structure, designers integrated their creation with the complex maze of existing vents and pipes that lined the façade of the aging hospital building. Studio Weave also paid particular attention to the fact that the space between the two buildings was extremely limited, with less than one meter of separation in some areas. The design allows light to filter through while maintaining a sense of space for those passing underneath the installation.Lullaby Factory at Great Ormonde Street HospitalArchitects Je Ahn and Maria Smith commented on the Lullaby Factory, “We have designed a fantasy landscape reaching 10 stories in height and 32 meters in length, which can engage the imagination of everyone, from patients and parents to hospital staff, by providing an interesting and curious world to peer out onto.”Lullaby Factory pipesHospital patients and staff members can listen to the Lullaby Factory’s exclusive melody in one of two ways. The design includes a series of listening pipes that can be utilized from the outside of the building. The soothing lullaby is also broadcast over a radio station, so that patients can listen while they are in their rooms. Sound Artist Jessica Curry actually composed the relaxing and dream-like melody specifically for listeners of the Lullaby Project to enjoy.

But as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. The Lullaby Factory lives on the façade of the 1930s Southwood Building, which is set to be demolished 15 years from now. For the time being, however, the uniquely beautiful and industrial installation provides a much needed welcoming and soothing influence. The calming melody helps bring a sense of peace to the young patients and staff members of Great Ormonde Street Hospital.Great Ormonde Street Hospital's Lullaby Factory

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