Magical Wings of Time Comes to Sentosa Island, Singapore After Run of Songs of the Sea Ends

Posted by Rachel S on Monday, June 9th, 2014

Wings of Time coming to Sentosa Island

Award winning multimedia show and event designer ECA2 was hired by Sentosa Development Corporation to best themselves and they’ve gone and done it. Songs of the Sea has enjoyed a much-lauded run on the Singapore Island beginning in 2007 and now, in 2014, will be surpassed by ECA2’s latest extravaganza Wings of Time.

The new show will be a permanent nighttime attraction on Sentosa on a stage 165 feet wide. The set backdrop ECA2 designed features triangular shapes emblazoned with the occasional feather to emulate the wings referred to in the title. The seaside show will feature laser lights, mist, water screens, 3D video mapping, fire, water jets with LED lights and, of course, music. The central character of the story is a bird – Shahbaz – who takes his friends Rachel and Felix, along with the audience, on a journey through space and time and then affects a glorious homecoming.

Wings of Time

ECA2’s goal with the special effects and story was to create a totally immersive visitor experience for not just a few – but for a massive audience of 3,000. Wings of Time artistic director Moira Smith says, “It’s a story that appeals to all ages. A tale of friendship, courage and adventure as our hero travels on a fantastic homecoming journey. We designed the show as a fantastic travel that would take the characters and audience through time and space.”

The pre-show features seven live performers to get the party started with music and audience-participation then the show proper lets the technology take center stage. One of the new features in Wings of Time that’s a serious tech upgrade from Songs of the Sea is the implementation of moving water jets. These can shoot water up to 80 feet away and add a new dimension to the choreographed fountains and expand the show to a grander scale.

Wings of Time backdrop

As the audience can be drawn from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, ECA2 expanded the musical horizons for Wings of Time as well. Smith says, “Different style of music will be played to illustrate atmospheres of each worlds: electro, lyric, pop, world music, etc.” If you’ve never seen water screens in a live show, this is one of the most exciting elements. Universal Studios uses these to project classic movie clips during their evening extravaganza as does Disneyland at their World of Color show.

Wings of Time can be seen each night on Sentosa against the backdrop of the sea beginning on June 14th. Local Singapore residents pay just $15 per ticket, tourists pay $18 for a standard ticket and a premium seat will cost you $23. Click here to get your tickets for Wings of Time and to be transported on a magical journey designed by award-winning master of story and technology ECA2.

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