Our Top 3 3D Projection Mapping Projects of 2012

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Monday, December 10th, 2012

Skyway International Lights Festival3D projection mapping technology, a tool that’s exploding in popularity in the marketing world, is becoming more widely used in the entertainment industry. This non-traditional form of advertising is a unique way for entertainment designers to draw attention to their attractions. And in some instances, the technology is actually used to create the attractions.

3D project mapping takes a typical inanimate object on a flat plane (like a building, for instance), and brings it to life using lights, video, and graphics. 3D projection artists use the technology to project images, video, and graphics on 2-D planes, creating life-like works of art that appear to move, dance, and change their structure. The results of this technique are stunning and startlingly realistic, and events using this technology are appearing everywhere from universities to museums. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite 3D projection campaigns so that you can see firsthand how incredible the technology really is.

Barco at Caesar’s PalaceBarco 3D projection mapping at Caesars Palace

In a blended advertising move by projector maker Barco, Caesar’s Palace in Vegas was transformed into a psychedelic show. Monster Media and DWP Live partnered to design and manage the show’s execution. The facade of the Palace came alive with undulating structural changes, a video game like feeling, dancing lights, and dancing people during this show. While the show featured a bit of advertising, its entertainment value (especially when considered in the context of the neon world of Las Vegas) was top quality.

Skyway International Lights Festival

Skyway International Lights FestivalThe team behind the Skyway International Lights Festival in Poland sponsored what might be our favorite 3D projection exhibit of the year. Accompanied by a Tim Burton-esque audio score, visitors watch as a historical building dissolves and then is reconstructed piece by piece. It then transforms into a giant clockwork extravaganza, and melts into several other themes before disintegrating Jenga style at the end. This 3D projection masterpiece was the work of Limelight, a firm that travels around the world masterminding such projections.

Mannequin Madness

Mannequin Madness 3d projection mapping

Most of the other projects that we viewed happened on a huge scale, like taking over the face of entire buildings. Yet few appeared to create as much delight as this innovative use of 3D Projection Mapping by rapper Lil Wayne to promote his fashion line, “Trukfit.” He teamed up with Pearl Media to create a booth to promote the new line, featuring two mannequins with rapidly cycling different clothes items. Shorts and shirts were changed in a flash. People couldn’t get enough, with lines to see the exhibit and delighted and surprised guests stopping to snap photos. What makes this exhibit so interesting is the integration of the technology at an “everyday” level. We expect to see similar use of the technology in the months ahead.

Lil Wayne's Mannequin Madness

3D projection madness has crossed over from pure advertising into the entertainment space. We’ll continue to watch for great examples of shows and events.

Image sources: W. Dalecka photography, mannequinmadness.com, bizbash,com, signagesolutionsmag.com

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  1. Hi! We’re glad that you liked our artwork the most and very proud of it:) In case you need more and better pictures we’ll be glad to provide them!
    Limelight team

  2. You can find some pics and the official video here: http://projectionmappings.eu/?portfolio=stars

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    So nice to see TrukFit featured here.

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