5 Coolest Houses Inspired by TV and Film

Posted by Staff on Friday, March 30th, 2012

Sometimes a house in either a television show or a movie becomes so familiar to us that it feels just like home; we know that if we could somehow step through the screen, we would have no trouble finding our way around. Instead of trying to jump through a screen, some inspired folks out there have taken it upon themselves to replicate their favorite fantasy homes. Below, we have collected some standout examples of fictional dwellings that have crossed over into the real world.

1. The Myers House, North Carolina

House Inspired by 'Halloween' the Movie in North Carolina

This house might not strike you as anything out of the ordinary at first glance. However, if you have seen the classic slasher flick, Halloween, this facade should send a shiver of terror down your spine. Owners Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier modeled their dream house (nightmare is more like it!) after the infamous Michael Myers house in which murder after bloody murder takes place in John Carpenter’s 1978 genre-defining film. Caperton, a lifelong fan of the Halloween series, decided to build the replica Myers house after visiting the original house in South Pasadena, California. Completed in 2009, the Myers House stands on over five acres of farmland in rural Hillsborough, North Carolina. It has since been featured in a number of recent horror films, such as a Night of the Living Dead remake.

2. Simpsons House, Nevada

Replica of the Simpsons House in Henderson, Nevada

Like the Myers House, you could easily miss this replica of the Simpsons house located in Henderson, Nevada. This is not all that surprising considering that the cartoon house is based on your average suburban tract home. The Simpsons House was built back in 1997 as part of a contest in which the winner could take up residence in the replica house.  At that time (when the picture above was taken), the house was painted to match the cartoon version. Furthermore, the interior was decorated with hundreds of themed-props, including Duff beer cans and the living room sofa where Homer spends most of his free time. However, local building codes required the house to be repainted in less vibrant colors after the contest was over. Even though it blends in with the local community, dedicated fans will be sure to spot it right away.

3. Flintstones House, California

Flintstone Inspired House in Malibu, California

The Flintstones house featured in the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon has inspired countless imitations; but this one, owned by famous television show host, Dick Clark, is by far one of the best. Just this month, Clark put his Malibu home up on the market, and it can now be yours for just $3.5 million. It is, however, missing a few details that would make it a perfect replica of the Flintstones’ charming home: notably, the bird record player and the wooly mammoth shower.

4. Munster Mansion, Texas

Replica Munster Mansion in Texas

One problem that often arises when you want to build a home based on your favorite TV show or film is a lack of available blueprints. When Charles and Sandra McKee of Waxahachie, Texas, decided they wanted to build their own Munster Mansion, they meticulously went through all 70 episodes of The Munsters and drew up blueprints based on their observations. The result of their obsession is a near-perfect replica of the ghoulish family’s mansion. While they’ve got most the details down pat, they are continuously experimenting with new techniques to make the exterior appear older and more distressed.

5. “UP” Home, Utah

House inspired by Pixar's "UP" in Utah

The Up Home in Herriman, Utah, is definitely one of our favorite adaptations of a fictional house. Built by Bangerter Homes, with permission from Disney/Pixar, the UP Home is an authentic replica of Carl Fredrickson’s colorful flying house. The colors and design are so dead-on that it looks like the house literally dropped out of the sky into this pleasant little town. Although Bangerter originally kept the house open to the public, it was recently sold to a happy couple from Petaluma, California.

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