5 Wits Espionage Adventure in Boston

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

5 Wits Espionage Adventure

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at a little 007 action, we’ve got the place for you. We already covered the phenomenal Spy Museum in Washington D.C. But if that’s too far afield or you’re looking for a whole new way to play at espionage, check out 5 Wits Productions in Boston.

5 Wits Productions designs one of a kind installations and exhibits for a variety of entertainment industry players. But with 5 Wits’ retail location, they’ve combined puzzles, exhibit design, and interactive storytelling to create a family friendly experience that works for kids and adults alike. 5 Wits offers multiple experiences, but today we’ll take a closer look at their Espionage adventure.Elevator at 5 Wits Espionage Adventure

Each adventure is led by an in-character guide, narrating the story and helping to create the sense of a distinct world. In Espionage, your “Operations Officer” introduces you to this spy mission. After giving you some context, they begin to lead you through the details of your mission where “the fate of the free world depends on you.”

You start the story in a market, dealing with someone who is trying to sell you various items. You quickly learn that the market is just a front for other activities. The newspaper box near you is a dead drop. And the person who just tried to sell you a rug is your Senior Ops Officer. The heart of the problem quickly unfolds. It’s up to you and your team to solve a variety of puzzles, infiltrate the headquarters of the sinister CABAL organization, and reveal the mole in your organization.5 Wits Espionage Adventure lasers

As you proceed through a series of challenges, you’ll have the chance to try a variety of things. One of your first steps will be determining how to crack a safe. Once you have a theory, you’ll get hands on practice trying to successfully open the lock with a bit of strategic help from your guide.

Proceeding to the next room, you’ll have the chance to dodge lasers. Think about the iconic scene with Tom Cruise dodging lasers in Mission: Impossible. That’ll be you, figuring out the laser patterns, circling around obstacles, and advancing to the next stage. Physical agility helps, but there are versions for people at all fitness levels.Adventure awaits at 5 Wits Espionage Adventure

In a heart pounding experience, you’ll have the chance to save the lives of everyone around you by diffusing a ticking bomb. You’ll need steady hands, and be willing to follow the instructions you’re given.

Finally, you’ll advance to the enemies’ headquarters and the final confrontation. Reviews for 5 Wits emphasize how professional the staff is. This unusual approach to entertainment engages guests of all ages. If you have fun with Espionage, you can also check out their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and specialty shows that they run around each holiday.Dismantling a bomb at 5 Wits Espionage Adventure

Image source: google.com, 5witsproductions.com

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