Covert Ops: A Counter-Terrorism Adventure in Miami

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Photo of shooting lesson at Covert Ops MiamiIf you’ve ever wanted to be James Bond or Jason Bourne, we’ve got an experience that you’re going to love.

Maybe you’re contemplating a career with Homeland Security, or you’ve always just wanted to find out what it’s really like to engage in tire screeching evasive driving techniques, fire all manner of guns in highly tense situations or learn hand-to-hand combat techniques. Whatever your motivation, the Covert Ops four day fantasy camp run by Incredible Adventures outside of Miami delivers an action-packed experience.Covert Ops Miami logo

The people at Incredible Adventures know what they’re doing when it comes to high adrenaline fantasy camps. They’ve been doing it since 1998 when they first offered a covert operations camp outside of Tucson, led by veterans of special forces from Vietnam and Desert Storm. The new version has been completely overhauled to increase the intensity of the experience in a new location outside of Miami, Florida. The scenario casts participants as members of an elite Israeli counter terrorism unit.

You’ll be tutored under the capable leadership of Garret Machine, a veritable one man army who spent three years with the Israeli Defense Forces elite Duvdevan unit, which is like the US Army’s Delta Force. He spent his time conducting undercover operations that included urban warfare, targeted assassinations and kidnappings throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank.In the field at Covert Ops Miami

Under his capable guidance, you’ll undergo a four day immersion experience that will challenge you on every level and have you believing that you really are fighting in a war. The experience is guided by a clear narrative and focuses on building skills while testing them within the context of the story.

Day 1. After getting outfitted with all the gear you’ll need and a tactical kit, you’ll move on to a pistol combat and safety briefing before engaging in a live fire instinctive shooting session. From there, you’ll receive training in combat first aid and responding under fire.

Day 2. A big focus of this day is learning Krav Maga, a set of contact combat skills loosely based on martial arts and street fighting that is taught to special forces in Israel, as well as FBI and CIA agents in the US. You’ll also spend sessions getting familiar with using an assault rifle and learning the fundamentals of close quarter battle (CQB). You’ll wrap up the day by fine tuning your handcuffing skills.Crawling through the mud at Covert Ops Miami

Day 3. Today you start off by learning the vehicle anti-ambush drills and protocols used by high risk security teams around the world, vehicle take down techniques, and advanced Krav Maga.

Day 4. With training complete, today is when you find out the details of the mission you’ll be on. During the course of the action, you’ll be using pistols, assault rifles, firing weapons from moving vehicles, and driving like your life depends upon it.

As an added bonus, successful completion of the camp makes you potentially eligible for a State of Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License that is valid for seven years in 34 states. Covert Ops was named one of the best fantasy camps in the world by American Way, the official magazine of American Airlines. Although the price tag of $3,995 (not including airfare) may cause cardiac arrest for some, there’s no doubt that Incredible Adventures is offering a heart thumping experience you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.Photo of firing lesson at Covert Ops Miami

Image source: Incredible Adventures

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