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Posted by MichaelSimon on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Boom Food Restaurant
The restaurant that turns cuisine into a symphony

With it’s innovative blend of the culinary and musical arts, the Boom Food Restaurant presents a unique concept in entertainment design, in which restaurant patrons are treated to an unprecedented dining and acoustic experience. The fusion of music and food combines to create an unforgettable night out. Internationally known chefs perform to their choice of musical accompaniment, with the possibilities encompassing all genres of music. The list of chefs and performances is published in advance so diners can choose their preferred evening and purchase tickets prior to the event.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests wait on the truncated black staircase in the reception area, where they can observe the chimney-equalizer, filled with flames dancing to the treble and bass of a musical score. This beautiful mixture of fire and music sets the stage for what will be an illuminating event.

The show itself is split into two parts, with the first half of the show occurring in the “Showcase” bar area, located on the opposite side of the chimney-equalizer. The bar area features an impressive white LED chandelier and illuminated bar that stands out like an oasis of light in the dark space. The first display is the equivalent of the opening act at a concert and features guest chefs setting the stage for the main event.

The second act moves the guests into the main dining room, a stately bistro area featuring geometric walls that extrude at sharp angles and starkly decorated, with most surfaces being jet black, offset by the white benches and plates, and well-placed lighting. The dining area is dynamic, with movable stalls and tables that can be configured to match the needs of the performing chef.

The show itself is an unique dining experience, seamlessly blending music and cuisine to the delight of crowd. The refinement and ambiance of this one-of-a-kind restaurant will combine to create a can’t-miss feeling of enlightenment. This really is a theme with a difference.

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