Chef Paco Roncero’s SubliMotion at Hard Rock in Ibiza Offers Haute Dining Experience

Posted by Rachel S on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Light plays on the dining table at SubliMotion

Beginning next month, Ibiza, Spain will play host to the most expensive restaurant in the world – and one of the smallest in terms of customer capacity. Culinary virtuoso Paco Roncero has been hard at work in his culinary workshop and with his team to develop the sensory dining experience SubliMotion that will be installed at the Hard Rock Hotel. It will seat just 12 diners per night at a steep $2,000 per custom plate.

Guests will be treated to 20 course gastro-sensory meals. The visitor experience will truly be dinner and a show – the walls operate as a light show and the dining surface is a smart table that functions as a screen where projected images change to accompany the course served and enrapture diners with visuals as appetizing as the food. A tech operator will control the table imagery and lighting and alter the scenes and lighting when new plates are served, first or last bites are taken and gauged on shifting mood.

Chef and diners share space at SubliMotion

This is truly a gastro technological experience where the chefs see themselves as the emitter while the diner is the receiver. The dining setting is the channel and the message sent and received is the dish served. This is an exclusive dining experience from the mind of the Michelin-starred Roncero who sees this as an experimental cuisine workshop where no dining experiences will be duplicated.

What also differentiates this dining experience is that the kitchen is in the room with the diners. Guests can watch the chefs create their dishes so the visceral aromas of the food prep overlap from course to course. This also brings the chef more fully into the dining experience because they are physically present and can experience how their dishes are received and the emotions they evoke.

Roncero himself says that SubliMotion is hard to explain but sums it in three words: “Ibiza, passion, gastronomy.” He adds that dining there is “a radically different show you can only experience for yourself.” Some of the serving environments shown in the video below are unparalleled. One scene has guests sampling chilled appetizers while fog rolls out of serving dishes and across the table. Another sees a fragrant dish served on a pillow.

The Hard Rock Hotel, also soon to open in Ibiza, explains the dining experience this way on their website: “Where culinary art and technological innovation come together to create a complete and unprecedented emotional experience.” Think of it as a discotheque where your food dances across the table. Over a year of research has gone into the menu at Roncero’s workshop, so the eats should be as inspired as the presentation.

Dinner and a show at SubliMotion

With the opening of SubliMotion, for those that can afford it, this is a unique opportunity to play with your food and relish the experience as it plays back.

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