Indulge Your Inner Cannibal at Cannibalistic Sushi

Posted by Staff on Friday, November 25th, 2011

Nyotaimori is the obscure Japanese practice of serving sushi on the body of a woman, usually naked. The phrase translates roughly into “female body presentation” and is considered by many to be an art form. While this practice was more common in ancient Japan, it is now relatively rare. You can find Nyotaimori nowadays, but you have to do a bit hunting for it.

The Japanese restaurant Cannibalistic Sushi has kicked this concept up a notch by designing what may quite possibly be the world’s most disturbing dish. Rather than eating the meal off of a woman’s body, diners eat the actual body itself.

Don’t get too alarmed, the meal is not an actual human body; it’s a collection of food artfully arranged to look as humanlike as possible. The dish is a life-size, mannequin-like replica of woman complete with dough skin, sushi guts, and blood-red sauce. Every aspect of the body is designed to enhance the experience, including a paper mache replica of certain unmentionable body parts. Weirdly enough, you can also pick the gender of the corpse. I’m not sure if that’s considerate, creepy, or perverse.

With a five-foot-eight-tall meal, you can expect that not everything is edible. After all, the cooks are trying to feed a typical group of dinner guests, not an entire platoon of stranded mountain climbers trapped high in the Alps. As such, most of the body, such as the arms and legs, are just there for presentation. While people might frequently exclaim that they are hungry enough to eat a horse (or in this case, a 20-year-old woman), the main focus will be on the guts. The choicest bits of food, the sushi, are contained within the abdominal cavity.

To enhance the effect of this disturbingly macabre meal, the restaurant fully commits to the theme. The waitress, dressed like a nurse, wheels the meal out on a gurney. Then, she uses a scalpel to cut a section of flesh out of the woman’s abdomen to expose the delicious sushi within. Diners literally eviscerate the body by picking their favorite sushi rolls from the collection of guts. As disturbing as this dish is, the diners in the pictures all seem to be enjoying themselves, so maybe it isn’t as emotionally scarring as you might expect. Though, I suppose it’s also possible that this pictured dinner party just happens to be a group of practicing cannibals.

Just leave the kids at home. As much as a ten-year-old boy might revel at the opportunity to dig into a big pile of guts, we don’t want to promote serial killer tendencies in young, impressionable minds.

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