Rediscover Your Love for Travel at the Wanderlust Hotel

Posted by Staff on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Facade of Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Wanderlust is a common occurrence here at With all the amazing projects from around the world that we come, it can be hard to stay put. We have no doubt that our readers are just as eager to travel the world as we are. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a hotel in Singapore designed “to draw madcap voyagers and curious travelers to its doorstep.” The hotel in question is appropriately named Wanderlust.

Wanderlust is located in Singapore’s Little India district. This vibrant neighborhood is home to many of Singapore’s Tamil immigrants and it is often noted for its old-world charm. Hotelier Loh Lik Peng was taken in by this charm and felt it was the perfect place to open a design-oriented hotel. Rather than constructing a new building, he decided to work with what the neighborhood already had to offer. The building he selected for Wanderlust is a 1920s schoolhouse, whose historic façade is the perfect foil to the contemporary interior.

Lounge at Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Industrial Glam Lobby

The hotel isn’t very large: just 29 rooms. But don’t let that relatively small number trick you into thinking there isn’t much variety here. Each of the hotel’s four floors were designed by a different agency according to a unique theme. The lobby, designed by Asylum, is themed “Industrial Glam.” Here, Asylum has taken elements from the surrounding Little India neighborhood and blended them with glamorous contemporary design, including a Frank Gehry sofa and Trent Jansen seats made from recycled road signs.

Yellow Submarine Room at Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Red Light and Yellow Submarine Room

The next level, “Eccentricity” by Phunk Studio, is an explosion of color. The rainbow corridor leads to ten “Pantone” Rooms, each dedicated to a different Pantone shade. All of these small rooms are saturated in the featured hue and are topped-off with a neon sign referencing a colorful pop song, such as “Yellow Submarine: The Beatles” and “Red Light: U2.”

Origami Room at Wanderlust Hotel

Origami Room

Level three, “Is it just Black or White” by DP Architects, features an all-black hallway, while the rooms are inspired by white paper. Of the eight rooms on this level, half are “Origami” rooms and half are “Pop Art” rooms. The “Origami” rooms incorporate the folding technique of the Japanese art into the room’s structure, while the “Pop-Art” rooms draws inspiration from stencil art.

Space Room at Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

Space Room

Wanderlust has saved the best for last (at least in our opinion). The top floor, “Creature Comforts” by fFurious, is home to nine different rooms transformed into whimsical scenes. These rooms are meant to reawaken or reinforce the young wanderer in us all. In the “Tree” room, you’ll encounter an enchanting tree inhabited by friendly creatures, while over at the “Space Room” a rocket ship and some interesting looking companions await you.

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