San Francisco’s Farallon Restaurant – Underwater For 14 Years

Posted by MichaelSimon on Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco

San Francisco’s Farallon Restaurant is known as the restaurant that has been underwater since it opened in 1997.

No, it’s not literally submerged in the San Francisco Bay, but it’s innovative interior design by Pat Kuleto brings to mind a gorgeous underwater fantasy world that is ideal for the “coastal cuisine” seafood menu created by chef and owner Mark Franz. Located in the Union Square area, Farallon Restaurant has been voted the third most popular San Francisco restaurant by the travel website

Farallon owes part of its distinctive ambiance and design to the fact that it is located in one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Union Square area. The building was originally designed and built in 1924 by the architectural firm Meyer and Johnson, and was the subject of a ten-page article in the inaugural issue of Architectural Digest.

Kuleto recognizes that “… the way a restaurant looks, smells and feels affects your mood and influences your enjoyment,” and he designed the restaurant with that in mind. The design of Farallon features subdued lighting and warm colors along with graceful arches and original artwork by designer Anthony Heinsberger. Taking its name from the Farallon Islands in the Bay, the design plays up its nautical theme with urchin and jellyfish light fixtures, spiraling shellfish pillars and submarine window paintings. All of these features combine to create a warm, inviting, and enchanting atmosphere perfectly suited for its innovative seafood menu.

Located at 450 Post Street next to the Kensington Park Hotel, Farallon emphasizes the fact that themed venues come in all shapes and sizes – and that, in different contexts, theming can serve a great many purposes!

Image: Farallon Restaurant

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