Sounds of Silence, a Romantic Dinner Beneath the Stars

Posted by Staff on Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Sounds of Silence

When you’re aiming to bring your gal to a romantic dinner, atmosphere is everything. And by “atmosphere,” I don’t mean the look of the restaurant, I mean the literal atmosphere. As in, “upper atmosphere.”

At Australia’s Sounds of Silence, diners eat their meals out in the middle of the Aussie outback, just a few miles away from the world-famous Uluru, and beneath the unobstructed view of the southern night sky. The flat terrain that composes much of the Australian outback is ideal for star gazing, because it provides a complete 360° view of the sky. And since this is out in the middle of nowhere, there are no nearby cities to ruin the view with light pollution.

Dinner at Sounds of Silence

And dinner doesn’t look too shabby, either. The meal includes canapés, plenty of alcohol, desert, and of course shrimp on the barbie. Crocodile and kangaroo are also available for the more adventurous folks out there. Diners will have to pace themselves while eating, because the whole experience lasts a whopping 4 hours. And understandably so – the meal starts around twilight, entertainment begins shortly after dusk, and diners can then stargaze for an hour or so once night really sets in. Luckily, a star guide entertains the diners with facts and stories about the southern stars and constellations.

Buying a meal at Sounds of Silence will set you back a pretty penny at $164 per person. It’s a hefty sum, sure, but you do get your money’s worth. That’s an impressive meal, a uniquely romantic stargazing experience, and a chance to see one of Earth’s natural wonders. Altogether, it’s one of the most romantic restaurants I’ve ever seen. Though, that leaves me wondering: does it still count as a restaurant if it’s outside, or is it just an overpriced picnic?

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