Toilet Themed Restaurants: Not For Those With A Weak Stomach

Posted by MichaelSimon on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Toilet Restaurants

Imagine eating a steaming pile of pork curry from a porcelain toilet bowl. Sound appetizing? Well for plenty of Taiwanese locals and tourists, it is not only appetizing, but is considered great fun. Just when you thought you’d heard it all, the chain restaurant Marton has come up with a concept that is truly extraordinary, if not just plain odd. Pushing entertainment design into new and unusual directions, Marton is a bona fide toilet themed restaurant, testing inhibitions and providing a unique and enjoyable dining experience. This commode themed eatery was such a hit when it made its debut in 2004, that owner Eric Wang decided to expand with a second location less than a year later. Marton now has more than seven locations to serve its strong-stomached patrons throughout Taiwan. Other locations can be found in Hong Kong and China. Future plans for the chain include locations in Malaysia, Macau, Kuala Lumpur and additional locations in China.

The theme is applied to every aspect of the decoration of the Marton restaurants. At the eateries, guests are seated on decorative toilets and drink from miniature urinals. Each seat is a highly stylized acrylic toilet adorned with illustrations of flora, fauna or the seaside.

The restaurants serve their dishes of pasta, curried meats and rice, and fried chicken from miniature toilet bowls and offer patrons rolls of toilet paper in lieu of napkins. For dessert there is even chocolate soft-serve ice cream presented in a “pile” atop a toilet shaped dish. For the squeamish customer who can’t quite bring himself or herself to dine a la commode, the restaurant does offer traditional serving ware and drinking glasses.

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