Bringing Purposeful Creativity and Invention to Life at the Cade Museum

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Rendering of the Cade Museum

If you’re passionate about training the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, the new Cade Museum of Creativity & Invention is for you. The Museum, slated to open in October 2015, has partnered with Jack Rouse Associates (JRA) and GWWO Architects to bring its vision to life.

Focused on inspiring creative thinking, future inventors, and early entrepreneurs, the Cade Museum is named after Dr. James Robert Cade. Cade was the University of Florida physician who led the team that invented Gatorade in 1965. The October opening date is the 50th anniversary of the first time Gatorade was used at a sporting event. The Cade Museum hopes to capture the spirit of innovation and creativity that led to the drink’s creation.

Cade Museum Sketch Depot Park

The museum’s theme is simple: creativity is a far better predictor of success than IQ. Everyone has creative potential, and creativity can be taught. Exhibits and workshops focus on teaching visitors what the museum calls “purposeful creativity.” Purposeful creativity is transformative, leading to new inventions, big ideas, and businesses that solve real world problems. The Cade Museum’s philosophy also emphasizes that combining disciplines, like music and science or math and anthropology, helps spur innovation.

Lecture series and hands on exhibits help visitors explore these issues. Even before the Museum formally opens, a number of events are offering a taste of their approach. One recent lecture explored the effects of music on the developing brain. Creativity Lab classes range from robotics to jewelry making, and the intriguing “3-D Christmas Trees with Geometry: The Art of “Merry Math.”

Cade Museum Design Exterior

Cade will be located in downtown Gainesville, Florida in the Depot Park neighborhood. Phase One of the project provides a 21,000 square foot building, with an additional 24,000 square feet projected to be added later. GWWO Architects, based in Baltimore, is leading the building design. The architectural theme of the museum explores the idea of intersecting crossroads. The goal was a design that reflects overarching theme of purposeful creativity, and invites visitors to connect personal experience to the broader narrative of human creativity.

Dr Cade With Original Gatorade

JRA was selected, in a competition of 27 firms from around North America, to oversee the exhibit design. “Our approach to the design competition was to try to distill the subject matter down to a level that would make it personal for guests and easy to understand. We then looked at how creativity has resulted in groundbreaking inventions in the past and how guests could be challenged to channel their own creativity and inventive nature,” said Shawn McCoy, JRA Vice President of Marketing & Business Development.

Cade Museum Logo

The Cade Museum is on an important mission. Many of the discussions happening today on how to teach creativity focus exclusively on the classroom. But museums and the entertainment design world are uniquely positioned to help explore how we can best engage both children and the broader community around these topics. We’re excited to see some of the best minds in architecture and entertainment design coming together to create a truly entrepreneurial museum.

Image credits: JRA, GWWO, The Cade Museum

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