Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion and Lands End Lookout: Designers and Engineers Collaborate for Innovation

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion interiorA new exhibit in San Francisco is an example of the innovation and rapid exhibit protoyping that occurs when designers and engineers collaborate early in the development process.

Los Angeles based exhibit artisans Cinnabar Inc. have been hard at work on two exciting new projects at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The firm teamed up with San Francisco design firm Macchiatto on the development of two new visitor areas, Lands End Lookout and the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillion, which opened at the National Park earlier this year.Lands End Lookout exterior view

Built entirely out of sustainable and recycled materials, the new visitor centers combine educational exhibits with retail areas. With their interactive exhibits and an array of interesting elements to explore, the eco-friendly spaces are meant to provide a unique learning experience for visitors to the park.

Cinnabar CEO Jonathan Katz says of the project and the collaboration with Macchiatto, “We are pleased to add Lands End Lookout Visitor Center and the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion to Cinnabar’s museum portfolio and our body of work in the San Francisco Bay Area. The museum/retail hybrid can bring greater attendance and a wider demographic than a traditional interpretive exhibit. We applaud the Conservancy and designer Jeremy Regenbogen of Macchiatto for their vision.”Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion photographs

Located on Point Lobos, the Lands End Lookout area is a 1200 square foot exhibit space. Geared towards hikers and history buffs, the area contains a wealth of historical information about the region, as well as supplies for people making their way down the California Coastal Trail.

The Lookout features a fortune telling machine that shares your fortune on the back of local historical and cultural photographs; enormous windows that illuminate the space for visitors; and a feature that allows guests to “Leave Their Voice” about the park on postcards which then become part of the visitor center.Lands End Lookout fortune teller

The Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion, located at the Toll Plaza, will leave you feeling as though you are walking into the bridge tower itself. The 3500 square foot area is made to mimic the golden design of the iconic bridge, complete with a high-tech color match and over 1300 metal rivets similar to what you see along the bridge as you drive over it.

The expansive center is filled with photographs and information about the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, taking visitors on a historical journey through the National Park. In keeping with the exhibit hall and retail combination, there is also plenty of shopping to be done in the Pavilion. Visitors will find an array of Golden Gate Bridge merchandise and souvenirs.Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion

The collaborative design and build style that was employed for the two visitor centers is somewhat atypical, but proved to be quite beneficial for these particular projects. The style brings both the designers and builders together very early on in the project in order to fast track the creation process. Jeremy Regenbogen, a designer at Macchiatto, says, “Often value engineering comes at the end of the project, where difficult sacrifices must be made. Cinnabar’s early involvement meant that we could constantly bounce ideas off them and keep the intent of the design intact.”

If you are planning a visit to the Bay Area and the National Park Conservancy, be sure to stop in at the new Lands End Lookout and Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion to see Cinnabar and Macchiatto’s latest work! Lands End Lookout interior viewImage source: Cinnabar

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