The Cassata School: Inspired Design Encourages Play and Learning

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Lettering on the exterior of the Cassata SchoolWe’re always on the lookout for innovative children’s design that uses flow, color, story and other tools to engage kids in learning and play. Your school experience probably evokes memories of rows of desks, dusty chalkboards, and dimly lit hallways with metal lockers. You may be left wondering how such a dull environment could have inspired learning. In an effort to create more inviting learning spaces, many school districts are focused on revamping and rebuilding older buildings. One recent example caught our attention.Floorplan rendering of classroom space at the Cassata SchoolCadence Architecture designed a primary school that focuses on inspiring children with its playful architectural features. The Cassata School in Bangalore, India, is a five-story architectural marvel with a unique façade that stands out in its urban setting. The exterior of the building is adorned with rounded, whimsical lettering that adds an element of fun as well as function. Inside, the letters are actually curved, multi-level windows that allow natural light to flow freely throughout open, communal learning spaces. The letters and modern, clean lines of the Cassata School’s exterior help set it apart from neighboring buildings which are designed in a more traditional style.Concept drawing of the Cassata School interior by Cadence ArchitectureThe interior of the building uses color and design choices to appeal to kids. Constructed completely with children in mind, the building is filled with bright colors, kid-sized elements, and fun features that encourage learning and exploring. Each classroom is painted with a lime green accent wall and flooded with natural light, creating a playful and cheery learning environment for children. This is true particularly in comparison to the more dreary urban area that surrounds the school. Many of the rooms are equipped with comfortable reading nooks complete with brightly colored accent pieces. And of course, everything is child-sized, from the handrails on the staircases to the furniture.Stairways with lime green accent walls at the Cassata SchoolCadence designed the building with a theme in mind that focused on creating unique experiences and inspiring learning. “The school was conceived [as] a conglomeration of myriad child fantasies,” said the architects. “These included letters coalescing to form the elevation, to little nooks and corners for children to hide in, to little peep holes in every door and multiple other experiences.”

The Cassata School is a far cry from the traditional and staid designs of older elementary schools, which conjure up images of dimly lit, dull and dusty spaces. Everything about the new building is playful and exciting, from its exterior façade to the classrooms, interior stairways, and multipurpose spaces. The bright features and unique architectural elements inspire kids to use their imaginations and encourage learning. The Cassata School design is a breath of fresh air for the children of Bangalore.Children playing in multipurpose room at the Cassata SchoolImage sources:,

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