8 Terrifying Attractions at Halloween Horror Nights 2013 – Universal Studios Orlando

Posted by Rachel S on Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23

As always, Universal goes all out to bring chills and thrills to its annual Fall event. For Halloween Horror Nights 23 in Orlando, a couple of prior scares have been revamped, but it’s mostly brand new terror that awaits visitors to Universal Studios Florida starting September 20 and running through November 2nd. Here’s a glimpse at the big eight HHN 23 attractions rated from what we predict will be least to most terrifying – but hopefully all will be scream worthy and leave you breathless!

#8 Urban Legends: La Llorona

La LLorana Halloween Horror Nights 23

Based on a Hispanic legend, La Llorona (the weeping woman) drowned her children in a fit of rage at her cheating husband. Her grief stricken ghost haunts guests with wails of torment. Ghosts and creepy statuary abound. This is a repeat attraction from prior years that has been juiced up for new appeal.

#7 Havoc: Derailed

This is a sequel to a previous iteration of Havoc Dogs of War about super soldier experiments gone maniacally wrong. You’ll start out squeezed into train cars and then explore the wreckage while being pursued by bloodthirsty killers. A fresh take of a previous concept reimagined for HHN 23!

#6 Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City

Resident Evil Raccoon City at Halloween Horror Nights 23

If it takes the unreal to give you a scare, the house based on the movie and video game franchise may be for you. Infested with Umbrella corporation’s scariest creations brought to lively flesh, you’ll have to make it through the town overrun with inhuman creatures. Should be a real scream. New to Universal Orlando for 2013!

#5 An American Werewolf in London

Universal went back to a classic with this one. You’ll start at the Slaughtered Lamb pub, to the site of the initial attack and then to the hospital where the visits from the bloody and eaten undead werewolf victims begin. This one promises to up the scare ante from the beloved horror comedy and should be a howling good time. New to Universal Orlando for 2013!

#4 After Life Death’s Vengeance

After Life Death's Vengeance HHN 23

Witness a serial killer meet his sparky demise in the much-deserved electric chair and into the afterlife. Guests will be with Bobby “The Blade” as he relives his gruesome crimes and then comes face to face with his victims that have been waiting for him. This new experience for HHN 23 promises ghastly 3D special effects and scares.

#3 The Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods scares at Halloween Horror Nights

This haunted house experience puts guests into the role of new hires at the secret facility beneath the erstwhile cabin where you’ll encounter a zombie family and then a series of creatures including the one-eyed ballerina that will dance her way into your nightmares. If the house does the movie justice, this should leave you breathless from screaming. New to Universal Orlando in 2013!

#2 Evil Dead Maze

The scary little girl lurking beneath the floor is enough to set the ick factor on this maze off the charts. Add in spooky woods, creaky floorboards, lurking Deadites and one of the scariest movie themes of all time and you’ve got the recipe for a screaming good time. New to Universal Orlando in 2013!

#1 The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven

Walking Dead at HHN 23

Nothing is more iconically horrifying than zombies and no one is doing them better right now than AMC’s hit show. In this house you’ll travel from the streets of Woodbury to the zombie-infested prison while the undead come at you from all sides. This one looks like a riot – a zombie prison riot… Walking Dead has been at HHN before, but this is a new experience specially designed for HHN 23 that goes beyond the previous Walking Dead street experiences!

To check out the map of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 23, click here.  For ticket and package info for Universal Studios HHN 23, click here.


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