Alton Towers’ Frightening New ‘Nemesis: Sub-Terra’ Too Scary For Kids Under 12

Posted by Staff on Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Logo for New Nemesis: Sub-Terra Ride at Alton Towers

We love a good fright from time to time, otherwise we wouldn’t be here writing about roller coasters and thrill rides. At the same time, we are also big fans of projects that cater to the whole family; but sometimes you just can’t bring the two together. In just a couple of days, the UK’s Alton Towers will be debuting a new ride that has already caused quite a stir because of its age restriction. Due to the terrifying nature of the ride, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) was called in for the first time ever to rate a theme park ride. After reviewing Nemesis: Sub-Terra, the BBFC recommended a 12A rating for the ride. This rating, which allows for “moderate physical and psychological threat, provided that the disturbing sequences are not frequent or sustained,” means that only those 12 and older will be allowed on the ride.

Aside from the 12A rating and the ride’s opening date of March 24th, we know very little about what actually makes this ride so scary. Alton Tower’s has managed to keep a pretty tight lid on things, which is getting harder and harder to do these days. However, the existing Nemesis roller coaster, which opened in 1994 as Europe’s first inverted coaster,  does provide us with some clues about the new ride. The Nemesis roller coaster is based on a storyline developed by the award-winning concept designer John Wardley. According to the legend he developed, “Nemesis comes from another dimension, a dimension beyond our imagination.” It’s not clear exactly what form the “Nemesis” takes, but we do know that it is a dark and powerful force that traveled from another dimension to hide in Alton Tower’s Forbidden Valley. When this disturbing force was accidently discovered by maintenance workers, the only way to contain it was with the 250 tons of steel that make up the roller coaster. To take a ride on Nemesis is to experience the untamed and terrifying nature of this indefinable force.

Nemesis: Sub-Terra promises to take riders to the source of this mysterious energy. So far, two marketing campaigns launched by Alton Towers are hinting at a sudden drop into the lair of the Nemesis. One campaign at a London shopping center involved an elevator floor that appeared to have a huge hole in it. When unsuspecting shoppers stepped into the lift, they found themselves staring down the shaft and jumped back in terror as you can see in the above video. The second campaign is a Twitter page started by the fictional security company in charge of watching over the Nemesis, Phalanx Control. On this Twitter page, they have posted a couple of dark photos that show a drop-tower arriving at the site of the new ride. What really makes this information interesting is the fact that the ride is all underground (this probably helped Alton Towers keep things under wraps as well).

As much as we hate to leave the young thrill seekers behind, we can’t wait to try this one out for ourselves!

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