Cedar Point Brings the Party This Summer With ‘Luminosity’

Posted by Staff on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Rendering of Cedar Point's New Nighttime Spectacular Luminosity

Starting June 8th, Cedar Point Amusement Park will start hosting Sandusky, Ohio’s hottest dance party. The new nighttime spectacular, Luminosity, will revitalize an underused section of Cedar Point’s Iron Dragon Midway with a nightly extravaganza of lights, lasers, fireworks, music, and dancing. Even if amusement parks aren’t on your list of Saturday night hotspots, you might want to pencil this one in if you’re looking for somewhere new to get your groove on.

Luminosity will kick off at about 9 p.m. every night throughout the park’s summer season. The party starts with a pre-show countdown culminating in an explosion of lights across the stage, as well as on rides such as the Millennium Force roller coaster, the Power Tower drop tower, and the Giant Ferris Wheel. Under the glow of these lights, a cast of dancers, drummers, and circus performers will take to the stage to perform a high-energy show accompanied by a DJ and singers. The performers will work their way through three different themed sections of the show, which are Land, Sea, and Space. Amid a visual feast of light projections, video clips, and special effects, a journey across the world’s varied geographical terrain unfolds to the beat of popular tunes.

Concept Art for Cedar Point's Luminosity

Image: Newsplusnotes.com

The firework finale signals the beginning of a dance party that will spread out over 50,000-square-feet. A DJ will start spinning a soundtrack of contemporary hits by artists such as LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. The DJ set will also include remakes of some classic pop songs reworked to keep the dance floor bumpin’.

Masterminding this new nighttime spectacular is the production team from RWS and Associates, a full service entertainment firm based in New York. With dozens of large-scale shows already under their belt, RWS still found developing Luminosity to be a unique opportunity. According to Executive Producer Ryan Stana, “it is rare to have the opportunity to transform an entire space when producing a show” (InPark Magazine). RWS was given free reign of the midway so that they could develop a club-like atmosphere that totally immerses dancers in light and music.

Electronica Dance Party at California Adventure Land

Image: insidethemagic.net

Cedar Park decided to develop Luminosity in order to encourage guests to put in more hours at the park. They’re not the first amusement park to introduce a nighttime party in an attempt to keep guests late into the night. A couple of years ago, Disney California Adventure Park pulled a similar move when they debuted ElecTRONica, a “Tron: Legacy”-themed dance party. Disney has had great success with the event and will continue it this summer, but with a new “Alice and Wonderland” theme. With Cedar Point hopping on the dance party train, we appear to have a new trend on our hands that could soon be spreading to theme parks across the country – especially if Luminosity does well. According to the LA Times, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet has stated that dance parties like Luminosity could very well pop up at other Cedar Fair Parks, such as Kings Island and Knott’s Berry Farm, if the Cedar Point party is a success.

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