Cinecittà World Says Benvenuto in 2014

Posted by Rachel S on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Cinecitta World

At first promised to open in 2011 then postponed to 2012 and then again… at long last Cinecittà World is in its final construction stages and is slated to open by mid-2014 near Castel Romano. Like an Italian iteration of Universal Studios – but much more opulent – Cinecittà World will have rides and attractions inspired by Cinecittà Studios’ films and TV shows. The theme park is located just outside of Rome and features attractions from the mind of Oscar winning art director Dante Ferretti with master planning by Valerio Mazzoli Studios.

Cinecittà World will include 16 indoor children’s attractions, three thrill rides and 19 family attractions. In addition to the 38 attractions, the 23 acre park will contain seven self-serve restaurants, 11 coffee bars, one entertainment arena and 57 snack and merchandising kiosks. This is actually the first of four planned phases.

The second phase will be “The Village” which will contain shops, restaurants and movie theatres. Phases three and four include Cinecittà World 2 (another theme park type area) and Cinecittà Nature – 170 acres of natural environment to be used for films but which will be partially accessible to the public.

So what can we expect from this long awaited theme park? First is the main entrance you can see in the topmost image above called the Temple of Moloch inspired by the lush black and white classic Cabiria – an early Cinecittà film. Next you’ll find a historical Main Street modeled on the sets of Gangs of New York and an Intamin-built Colossus style coaster that will be one of only five coasters in the world with 10 inversions. Only two coasters in the world have more. Also cool is that the entrance to the ride will be a sci-fi themed space ship.

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Cinecittà World will feature the longest Mack Super Splash ride (more than 550 meters) with an entrance modeled on Roman architecture featured in the film Ben Hur. A multi-motion dark ride will be themed around Dante’s Inferno with an entrance that warns “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Also underway is a panoramic flight simulator and an Indian-inspired Intamin free fall tower that launches and culminates in a richly outfitted sitting pachyderm.

Looking at the concept art and in-progress construction photos what becomes quickly apparent is that the allure of this park will be much more than the thrill of the rides. It’s the rich architecture and overall design drawn from the body of Cinecittà’s cinematic library that will make this park unlike any other in the world.

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