Goddard Group Expands Partnership With Lotte World Through Two New Attractions

Posted by Andrea Shockling on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

2005 Lotte World concept art by the Goddard Group

In 2005, Gary Goddard Entertainment + Design created a concept renovation for Lotte World, South Korea’s largest indoor entertainment complex, that later resulted in the design and installation of two popular attractions. The firm has since shared details on two additional projects, Underland and Brother Moon & Sister Sun’s Tall Tale, both opening this spring. The strategic creative partnership announced last October between Lotte World and the Goddard Group is part of a significant expansion that will include new lands, attractions, shows, restaurants, and stores in time for the park’s 25th Anniversary in 2014.

Underland at Lotte World

True to its name, Underland takes advantage of space beneath the existing attractions formerly occupied by the Lotte shopping mall. When completed, it will add 22,000 square feet to the indoor amusement park. “For over a decade there’s been talk of turning the mall space into an additional theme park area,” said Taylor Jeffs, Goddard’s Director of Design. “With the spike in attendance over the last year, the idea was put on the front burner.” Underland will feature stories and characters from popular Korean folk tale Ogre’s Magic Club. It will be the first time a theme park attraction will use existing myths and legends from the Korean culture to develop a themed experience: “We see the launch of Underland as a big opportunity to build upon a popular story and characters already well ingrained within the public consciousness,” said Ashley Choi, Manager of Attraction Development at Lotte World.

Underland construction photos by the Goddard Group

In Underland, guests will be greeted by ogres designed by famed character developer Phil Mendez. Phase one will also contain an interactive XD theater/dark ride by Triotech that will be the largest XD dark ride ever built. It is also rumored to include multi-player interactive game play. Most of Underland, including four additional restaurants, is scheduled to open this spring.

Brother Moon and Sister Sun's Tall Tale at Lotte World

Right on the heels of Underland comes the announcement that Brother Moon & Sister Sun’s Tall Tale will also open in late May 2013. Like Underland, this unique family drop ride immerses guests in familiar Korean stories and characters. “Tall Tale gives us the chance to let guests step into the world of a beloved local fairy tale, much in the same way we were able to bring the world of the friendly Korean ogres to life in our Underland project,” said Jeffs. Phil Mendez worked on the Tall Tale character design with Christopher Smith, another longtime Goddard Group collaborator, to help tell the story of a tiger chasing a pair of siblings into the sky. Riders will experience the final moments of the tale, dangling just out of the tiger’s reach before dropping via one of two S&S Frog Hoppers. We expect the new characters from both Underland and Brother Moon & Sister Sun’s Tall Tale will be popular additions to the park’s mascots and merchandising as well.

Four significant expansion projects in ten months is quite the achievement for the Goddard Group at Lotte World. Sang Han, Attraction Producer for the theme park was enthusiastic about the additions: “As guests return to Lotte World for our 25th Anniversary in 2014, we know they’ll be thrilled with the incredible arsenal of new top-quality experiences we’ve created for them.” We look forward to seeing more exciting attractions developing out of this partnership.

Image sources: garygoddard.com, Goddard Group on facebook.com

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