Legos and Star Wars: Bringing the Force to LegoLand Florida

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Friday, September 7th, 2012

Entrance to LegoLand FloridaYou would be hard pressed to find kids who haven’t loved playing with Legos. Legos allow the imagination to run wild with endless possibilities and have kept many a child occupied for hours at a time.  Now the LegoLand Florida theme park, which opened its doors to rave reviews in late 2011, is combining that love of Legos with the widespread love of all things Star Wars when they unveil a new attraction late this year.  The park recently released details of the planned attraction and Lego and Star Wars fans alike are getting excited!

LegoLand Florida R2-D2On September 6th, with the help of Lego Darth Vader, LegoLand Florida General Manager Adrian Jones announced that a Star Wars cluster will be incorporated into the park’s Miniland area. Miniland is the most popular part of the park that recreates real-life scenes from cities around the country in miniatures built from Legos. From the White House in Washington DC to the Statue of Liberty in New York City to Florida’s own Daytona International Speedway, people flock to see these iconic sites painstakingly recreated in Legos.  The new Star Wars area will include familiar scenes and models from all six movies plus additional Lego replicas from The Clone Wars animated television series. No expense has been spared in creating a collection that will delight dedicated Star Wars fans.White House at LegoLand Florida's MiniLand

Granted, Star Wars is a work of fiction, not real life, but devoted fans over the years have worked out what the physical dimensions of all the ships, buildings and other features in the films would be if created in real life. Expert Lego modelers then scale the model’s dimensions down to something that will work well in Miniland, which is 1/20th of their “original” size.  Take, for example, their version of the Millennium Falcon ship. It consists of 19,234 pieces of Lego blocks and will be seen in the Episode IV area of the Star Wars Miniland cluster. Unlike LegoLand California’s similar attraction, Florida’s Millennium Falcon won’t be stationary; it will exhibit some amount of movement through the air. A sneak peak was also provided of the horned, red-faced villain, Darth Maul, from Star Wars Episode I.Legoland Florida Darth Maul

The entire Star Wars Miniland area will include approximately 2,000 different models that use a mind-boggling 1.5 million pieces of Lego. The models will be arranged in chronological order based on the time table presented in the films. Some will be life-sized character sculptures, offering guests a chance to get up close and personal with the likes of Darth Vader. Others will be models of some of the most pivotal scenes and exciting moments in the films. This is going to be a very popular attraction when it opens, so be sure to plan your visit to LegoLand accordingly. And may the Force be with you.LegoLand Florida Millennium Falcon

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