Star Wars Miniland and Lego-Themed Hotel Opening at Legoland Windsor This March

Posted by Staff on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Star Wars Legos Fighting On Big Ben at Legoland Windsor

UK Lego maniacs now have two reasons to be excited about this year. This March, Legoland Windsor Resort will unveil a new Miniland and a new hotel. Both of these exciting additions to Legoland will no doubt thrill the legions of Lego fans in the UK.

Legoland Windsor’s new themed area, the Star Wars Miniland Experience, will bring to life (as alive as Lego’s get) several scenes set in a galaxy far, far away. Although the Miniland experience won’t be open for a couple more months, some Star Wars figurines have been getting antsy and launched an attack on the existing London Miniland. As we speak, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader are in engaged in a lightsaber battle right on the face of Big Ben. Meanwhile, 200 storm troopers are making their way across Tower Bridge into the center of London. Only the Force can save London now!

Storm Troopers Crossing Tower Bridge at Legoland Windsor

Storm Troopers Crossing Tower Bridge

When Star Wars Miniland opens, visitors will be presented with seven memorable scenes gathered from the six Star Wars films, as well as a scene from the animated series Stars Wars: The Clone Wars. The 1:20 scale models tell the story of the Star Wars universe, following a timeline of important events that take place throughout the film series. Not too surprisingly, a ton of Lego Bricks were used to create these dynamic scenes: 1.5 million to be exact. After all these bricks have been assembled into landmarks and starcruisers, they are then animated with sounds and lighting inspired by the films.

Over at the new Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel there are no Star Wars inspired rooms: just the classics. Kids (we assume it’ll be the kids that make the decisions here) can choose from either a Pirate, Adventure, or Kingdom themed bedroom. We’re betting that the Pirate room will be the most popular, with its Jolly Roger quilts, treasure map rugs, bunk beds, and walls covered in scenes from Captain Jack’s adventures across the seven seas. There are fewer Lego creations in the rooms than we were hoping to see, but there is a Lego parrot perched on the wall above the beds and Lego lamps throughout the room.

Pirate Room Interior at Legoland Hotel Windsor

The Pirate Room at Legoland Hotel

The Adventure room and Kingdom room are likewise covered in details from the popular Lego series. If you choose the Adventure room, you follow in the footsteps of Johnny Thunder as he carries on with his quest for treasure. Just watch out for the insects and animals that have followed him in from the jungle! Perhaps you want to live like royalty for a night, in which case you’ll want to check into a Kingdom room. Modeled after a medieval castle, the room is decorated with Lego-style flags and shields and features Kingdom-themed models scattered about the room.

The hotel opens on March 17th, but you can book your room now to insure you’ll be the first of your friends to spend the night in this Lego fantasyland.

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