The Spectacle of Jordan’s Red Sea Astrarium – Hotels, Gardens, Water Parks and, Oh Yeah, Star Trek

Posted by Rachel S on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The Red Sea Astrarium plans to open in 2017 in Jordan

First announced a couple of years ago as a pet project of King Abdullah of Jordan (a confirmed Trekkie), it looks like at long last, the Red Sea Astrarium, complete with its Star Trek attraction, will break ground this year and hopefully live long and prosper. Yesterday, news broke that Arabtec Construction will build the massive $1.55 billion theme park in coastal Aqaba, Jordan.

Artist rendering of Jordan's Red Sea Astrarium

Lavishly designed, the Red Sea Astrarium will include four hotels – a boutique hotel, a luxury hotel, a family hotel and a hotel designed for business and conference use. Entertainment aspects of the resort will include an artificial lagoon, 4D cinema, water park, theaters, adventure center, hanging gardens, water feature and (drum roll please…) an immersive Star Trek experience.

If you can curb your Star Trek enthusiasm for a moment (and you’re not to be blamed if you can’t), let’s look at some of the other attractions planned for the Astrarium. The concept of the entire park, as described by themed entertainment design firm RGH is that a mysterious artifact – the astrarium clock of curious design – has created a “bubble of timelessness” so that history and its greatest minds can be experienced and explored by park guests.

Wonders! ride propose for Astrarium in Jordan

RGH designed a flight simulator called Wonders! that will take guests on a soaring ride through the seven wonders of the world in their ancient heyday. What’s cool about this ride is that it will utilize i-Ride inverted 4D simulator technology and will be randomized so each time through the ride will be unique.

Interactive walk through adventure at Astrarium

Save the Astrarium: An Interactive Adventure will be a large walk-through experience that immerses guests into the story of innovation over time. Cradle of Inspiration promises to be a new groundbreaking ride system by RGH that insists it won’t be a thrill ride, but a story-based adventure experience that will whirl guests through spherical projections at stomach-churning speed.

Thrilling water ride concept for Jordan's Red Sea Astrarium

H2Show: Lifespring is a water experience that explores man’s relationship with water on a mystical journey through time. A high thrill indoor water ride is also under development as well as an adventure center called the Extreme Adventure Zone (EAZ) which offers intense physical experiences (think rock climbing, ziplining, et al) in a “hyper-futuristic environment.”

Artist design of Star Trek attraction at Red Sea Astrarium

And now back to what, for many, is the most exciting part of the Astrarium – the Star Trek attraction! CBS has given its blessing and Paramount is said to be co-designing the attraction. Here is what’s rumored: guests will be immersed in a Starfleet type experience that will take you on real-time state-of-the-art adventure flight as you boldly go where no man has gone before. I’ve got chills even from that vague description. Ground will break in Jordan for this epic theme park this Fall with opening estimated three years from then.

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