Top 3 Amazing Theme Parks Launching in Late 2013

Posted by Rachel S on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

It may be late in the year, but there are still a few theme parks left to launch in 2013. All three of these are promised by year’s end and are close to the warmth of the equator. They are family friendly and offer a range of thrills and splashes. The three parks range from an expansion of a beloved international franchise, to a foray into theme parks from a hugely successful multi-media channel, to an immersion into the natural wonders of the ocean. Here’s what’s opening and which we think will offer the most impressive thrills and spectacles:

#3 Wet’n’Wild – Sydney

The Wet’n’Wild franchise will open its second Australian location in December and the Sydney site is topping its Queensland sister in both scope and extremity. Although the original AU location also offers a Skycoaster, Syndey’s will be the world’s largest. The winch driven swing ride which can accommodate up to three thrill seekers at a time will pull you up and back over 245 feet up before releasing for a head-first descent at nearly 70 miles per hour toward the giant wave pool. These are great rides for individual thrill but are diminished by their inability to accommodate more guests per day.

In total, WNW Sydney will feature 42 slides and attractions including the world’s first 360 degree lateral loop eight lane racer. Another cool feature is the surfable wave pool with a sandy beach. In a country known for its surfing, the option to do it in shark-free waters seems cool – if tame by comparison. There are several cyclonic rides and plenty of curves, drops and slippery slides to have you screaming all day. Although it’s a fairly standard expansion of a successful established franchise, it will surely be a welcome respite for summer south of the equator (which starts in December)!

#2 Cartoon Network Amazone – Thailand

Another water park splashes down in December – this time as the newest of Asia’s water theme parks. Cartoon Network’s first theme park looks to be quite a hoot. Water thrills range from mild in the ubiquitous lazy raft river ride that all water parks offer to more thrilling and unique venues. There are a couple of rides that look to be heart revving in the Omniverse area. The XLR8-tor claims to be the tallest and steepest water ride in Asia offering a 60 foot vertical drop that ends in a splash zone.

What looks particularly scream-worthy is the Goop Loop where you plummet 40 feet after a trapdoor opens under your feet forcing enough momentum to take you through a 360 degree loop. And the Omnitrix water rollercoaster concept intrigues as you shoot through a fully enclosed tube toward the Omnitrix sphere where you’re hit with surround sound and digitally projected Cartoon Network imagery as you are treated to vertical back and forth banking before being shot to the finish.

#1 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Water is the overriding theme with all the parks opening late this year and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is no exception. The giant walk through viewing tunnel where fish life and ocean flora will surround agape pedestrians will amaze but it’s the world’s largest aquarium window that will display the world’s largest fish – the whale shark – that may offer the coolest perspective. Chinese white dolphins, beluga whales and other species will be on display and featured in shows and viewing areas.

And if the visual treats weren’t enough, the rides promise to amuse and amaze. Most exciting may be the parrot themed Bolliger & Mabillard winged coaster that will dangle riders over thin air as they speed over a rainforest. Water roller coasters and a MACK dark ride will round out the offerings. Ocean Kingdom promises to be a mix of the stadium style entertainment of SeaWorld, the sheer spectacle of fish life of the Dubai Aquarium and high adrenaline rides of a major theme park like Universal Studios. Chimelong promises to be a buffet for the senses and is the park we are most looking forward to as it opens in late 2013!

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