Top Five Frozen Themed Events at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Posted by Elizabeth Alton on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The American public has been captivated by Frozen, and perhaps even more so by the hit song Let It Go. Elsa and Anna, stars of the hit animated blockbuster from Disney, made their real-life debut at Hollywood Studios at the beginning of July. The Disney team has created an exclusive line-up of events to bring the world of  Frozen to life for fans for a limited time. If you’re planning a trip to Hollywood Studios in the next few months, you will have the opportunity to see many of the  characters from the popular film from now through September 1st. Here’s a closer look at five Frozen-themed activities that are not to be missed this summer at Disney.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Frozen's Anna and Elsa
The soundtrack of Frozen has captured the hearts of music lovers around the globe. Let It Go is so popular that it’s spawned numerous spoofs and messages from parents whose children have the song on repeat. What better way to celebrate the film than through a sing-along hosted by Anna, Elsa, and the Kingdom of Arendelle’s most prominent historians? For the First Time in Forever takes viewers on a heartwarming, and at times amusing, musical journey through the history of Arendelle. Frozen fans have the chance to sing along to some of their favorite parts of the hit soundtrack in this interactive event. The twenty-minute long adventure takes place in Hollywood Studios’ Premiere Theater several times daily.

Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome

Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome
At 11AM each day, guests have the opportunity to check in with Anna and Elsa at the Royal Welcome procession. The themed parade features the sisters and Olaf the snowman, followed by several skaters and skiers. Anna, Elsa, and friends take a daily tour down Hollywood Boulevard in a horse-drawn carriage. The special procession ends at the Sorcerer’s Hat Icon Stage where Frozen’s major characters receive a warm welcome to the popular Disney park.

Frozen Fireworks Spectacular

Frozen Fireworks Spectacular
Hollywood Studios has also scheduled an enchanting Frozen Fireworks Spectacular at the Sorcerer’s Hat Icon Stage each night at 9:45PM. Here, guests can catch up with Anna, Elsa, and other popular characters from the film before they head home after their day at the park. Elsa uses her magic to create a unique display that sets the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular apart from other fireworks events. The white and blue fireworks are choreographed to ignite in harmony with some of the most popular songs from the movie. As with all of Disney’s fireworks displays, the Fireworks Spectacular is turning out to be a fan favorite.

Oaken’s Frozen Funland

Oaken's Frozen Funland
Hosted at Hollywood Studios’ Soundstage One, Oaken’s Frozen Funland is a family-friendly adventure park that leaves guests feeling as though they’ve stepped outside into a snowstorm. Visitors can watch Oaken and his cousins performing an impressive ice show, check out frozen sculptures, grab a hot cocoa, and take pictures with some of the beloved animated characters from the Frozen film. It’s the perfect place to escape a swampy summer day, and experience some interaction with Frozen characters in an area that feels temperature-appropriate.

Olaf on Summer Vacation

Olaf on Summer Vacation
Guests interested in a more interactive Frozen experience can choose to take Olaf along as a companion during their day at Hollywood Studios. The sassy and slightly goofy snowman is a standout favorite from the film. Small take-along Olafs are available at select park locations. Visitors can snap photos with their mini-Olaf at different spots and share them over social media using the hashtag #OlafSummerVacation. Lucky participants may have their photos appear at the park’s daily grand finale show.

Frozen’s  line-up of characters is appearing at a series of special events at Disney’s Hollywood studios. Disney is wisely capitalizing on the movie’s success with a series of enchanting parades, fireworks displays, and interactive musical events. The offerings are diverse, and likely to engage a wide range of fans from the youngest die-hard Frozen lovers to cynical teens who will have fun integrating their adventures with Olaf over social media. We’re interested to see whether any of these events, or more permanent attractions, from the Frozen world will be debuting in the months ahead at Disney. But for now, there’s plenty of adventures for Frozen fans to enjoy!


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