5 of the World’s Craziest Water Slides

Posted by Staff on Monday, December 5th, 2011

What better way to drive off the winter doldrums than thinking about your favorite summertime activities? We don’t know about you, but when the summer heat arrives we make a beeline for the water park. Water slides are the perfect way to cool down while also quenching that endless thirst for a thrilling ride. Today we’ve gathered up some of the craziest water slides from around the world to share with you. And we mean crazy: these definitely aren’t your backyard slide and kiddie pool set up. These slides are not for the faint of heart, as they feature breakneck speeds, spine-tingling drops, and sharks!

1. Insano at the Beach Park, State of Ceará, Brazil

Insano Water Slide, Brazil

Insane, crazy, nuts, cuckoo – any of these terms could be used to describe those who throw themselves down the Insano water slide. At 41-meters tall, this one-drop water slide has been certified by Guiness World Records as the world’s tallest water slide. Although it is the world’s tallest water slide, it only takes five seconds to slide from top to bottom. You’ll be traveling at a speed of 105 km/h, so you’ll want to take the slide’s tagline, “Are you insane enough?” into serious consideration.

2. The Aqualoop

Aqualoop Water Slide

Ever gone upside-down on a water slide? The Aqualoop is a looping water slide mass-produced by the Austrian company Aquarena. The very first Aqualoop was installed at Slovenia’s Terme 3000 water park, but now there are over 20 installed around the world. Hopefully this bit of information doesn’t disappoint you too much, but the loop isn’t a true vertical loop; instead, a loop inclined at 45 degrees is used. Nevertheless, this slide still packs quite a punch. Sliders begin standing upright in the launch chamber before a trap door is opened beneath them and sends them down a 56-foot near-vertical descent. This drop accelerates the slider up to the 40 mph necessary to propel them through the loop. Seven seconds later you’re back on your feet and ready to do it again!

3. The Black Hole at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg, Austria

Black Hole Water Slide at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg, Austria

They call this slide the Black Hole because when you first look down that tube, you don’t see any way out. If you do decide to take the plunge, you’ll spiral down 692 feet of slide, which makes this Europe’s longest water slide. Your journey down this stainless steel dark tunnel is turned into a flight through space with the addition of sound, light, and fog effects. And just when you were starting to settle in, they throw in a 6-meter free fall about half way through. So what’s on the other end of a black hole? We’ll leave that to you to find out!

4. Summit Plummet at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Orlando, Florida

Summit Plummet Water Slide, Blizzar Beach Water Park, Orland, Florida

A water slide in the snow? Nope, just another fantastic Disney creation in sunny Orlando, Florida. However, don’t be surprised if you get cold feet when looking down from the top of this slide designed to look like a ski jump. After you arrive at the summit of Mount Gushmore by chairlift, you better be ready to take the 120-foot plunge that makes this one of the world’s fastest and tallest free-fall body slides. Sliders will reach speeds between 50 and 60 mph over the 360-foot flume, with their exact speed shown on a digital display at the bottom of the slide.

5. Leap of Faith at Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas

Leap of Faith Water Slide, Atlantis Paradise Island, The Bahamas

The “leap of faith” that the name of this slide refers to is not just the 60-foot near-vertical drop you’ll be sent down, but what comes after that. The speed that sliders gather as they fly down the side of a Mayan temple is used to propel them through a clear acrylic tube running straight through a shark-filled lagoon! That’s right, you’ll come face to face with  some mean looking fish, but luckily your momentum keeps you from lingering too long. You can image that the sharks are not in a good mood after watching all those tasty treats just zip past them!

12 responses to “5 of the World’s Craziest Water Slides”

  1. Angelina says:

    They look really crazy and fun and the shark one looks scary.

  2. alicia says:

    #5 we were going to go on on my 2nd cruise.But we never did.

  3. lovekesh says:

    waoooooooo………awesome slides nice yar

  4. Where is the top slide from

  5. Michael Wakefield says:

    Are you sure the Black Hole is the longest slide in Europe? This one in Hungary says it’s longer at 272 meters (892 feet).
    (I’m currently staying across the street from it and can’t wait to give it a try!)
    http://www.napfenyfurdoaquapolis.com /en/slides/

  6. Nikki Patel says:

    the leap of faith at Atlantis is awesom , been it it 3 times , i thought I died no wrds can describe the thrill

  7. Daun says:

    Fun time it was awesome the sharks were the scariest ride thier

  8. HUMPTY DUMPTY says:

    Give me sharks

  9. Steven says:

    Went down Summit Plumit yah your flying down it but it’s fun.

  10. TAYLOR SWIFT FAN says:

    Wow, those look like fun!

  11. Swifty says:

    Okay, I definitely need to go on the Leap of Faith before I die. It’s LOOKS. SO. COOL.

  12. no name says:

    I’m 13 and I’ve been on the aqua loop. I went on it 5 times in one visit to a water park. I wouldn’t use the words, ‘one of the craziest water slides in the world’ to describe it. It was scary for the first few seconds (getting in the capsule and the initial drop). It may have been that I was trying to show-off (the reason I got on until I realized how much fun it was) but even on my first ride I never screamed or even considered turning back. It was less intimidating than another water slide at the same park that was a steep single drop slide that wasn’t near as tall as the one on the list. I will admit that when you are in the capsule it is more scary. It is however my favorite water slide that I have ever been on. It is crazy looking but the ride itself isn’t crazy. One thing about the specific on that I went on that is good and bad is how often it broke. Now it was nothing dangerous it was the trap door that would stop working. In the morning all of the went out them two were fixed then they both went out then one was fixed, and that is just the times I noticed. The good side is that if you got in line as soon as you saw a lifeguard at the top there would be a very short line (1-4 people) or no line. Once I was first in line and kept circling back to go again and again. I would recommend it but it does hurt your back a little. One way to reduce that is to pin yourself against the slide as tightly as you can inside the capsule.

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