Get Your Adrenaline Pumping on WhiteWater’s AdrenaLIM Blaster At Xocomil Waterpark

Posted by Kate W on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

The Xocomil Waterpark in the southwestern part of Guatemala has long been a favored destination of waterpark aficionados. Now, it’s become even more of a must-see locale thanks to the AdrenaLIM Blaster, Latin America’s first water coaster featuring Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology. The tech in this ride produces magnetic propulsion which blasts riders up six hills, elevating them to dizzying heights before hurtling them down from the largest drop in the world. This cutting-edge ride was installed to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of IRTRA (Instituto de Recreación de los Trabajadores de la Empresa Privada de Guatemala), an organization whose purpose and focus is to provide Guatemalan workers of all industries and sectors with safe, family-friendly forms of recreation.

The AdrenaLIM Blaster water slide makes its debut at Guatemala's Xocomil Waterpark

Xocomil, which is the largest and most visited waterpark in Guatemala, is thematically designed around a recreation of a Mayan pyramid and is studded with culturally-appropriate details including masks and other items representative of Mayan heritage. It has an incredible array of attractions, many of which were created by WhiteWater, the world’s premiere company for waterpark attraction design and manufacturing (and the firm responsible for conceptualizing the AdrenaLIM Blaster).

The AdrenaLIM Blaster water slide makes its debut at Guatemala's Xocomil Waterpark

Other WhiteWater attractions at Xocomil include the Multi-Lane Mat Racer (a side by side waterslide that pits riders in a thrilling head-to head battle to the finish line), Boomerango (an inner-tube ride that reverse accelerates adrenaline junkies over a six-foot high transition hump into a splashdown pool), the SuperBowl (a twirling,whirling feat of centrifugal force that dizzies and dazzles souls brave enough to tackle its death-defying drops), and AquaLoops (a dramatic enclosed slide which launches riders down a 39-foot vertical drop at speeds of up to 40mph). But with the brand-new AdrenaLIM Blaster both Xocomil and WhiteWater are raising the stakes and creating a daringly entertaining waterpark experience that is truly unmatched.

The AdrenaLIM Blaster water slide makes its debut at Guatemala's Xocomil Waterpark

The AdrenaLIM Blaster, aside from being a souped-up waterslide, features a new innovation that makes it unique in the field of water attractions: The inline inflatable boats that carry daredevils off the mega steep drop are designed to keep riders relatively dry. This makes the slide fun for those who crave speed and steep drops, but don’t want their view obscured by the spraying water.

The AdrenaLIM Blaster water slide makes its debut at Guatemala's Xocomil Waterpark

Xocomil has won several national and international prizes: numbered among its accolades is the award for best water park in the world in the World Water Park Association’s Innovation category in 1998, as well as 2008’s Park of the Year designation in Amusement Today magazine. WhiteWater is also a standout in its field. The company’s commitment to creating memorable attractions by thinking outside the pool has netted them over fifty awards and accomplishments, giving them unparalleled expertise in the field of waterpark attraction design and manufacturing. These two companies have a long and proud history of teaming up to create stunning and memorable entertainment experiences. With the opening of the new AdrenaLIM Blaster, they continue to impress theme park and waterpark enthusiasts.

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