The Aqua Fantasy Water Park Welcomes The Innovative New Sphere Water Slide

Posted by Kate W on Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Roller coasters and water slides are one of the most ephemeral kinds of fun. Even the most exhilarating and electrifying ride is often over far too quickly for devout adrenaline junkies. But thrill seekers the world over may have finally found an attraction that will live up to their need for a lengthy, exciting, satisfying waterslide experience thanks to the new “Super Combo” ride at Aqua Fantasy Waterpark in Turkey.

Concept Art For Super Combo slide at Aqua Fantasy Water Park in Turkey

This new “Super Combo” is a ride quite unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, because it is, quite literally, four experiences packed into one. Rides like the AdrenaLIM Blaster at Xocomil Waterpark may provide a zooming twisty, adrenaline-charged experience, and scarily steep slides like the Insano at Beach Park in Brazil (number one on our list of the world’s craziest water slides) may be terrifyingly thrilling but ultimately, they only revolve around a single concept. The “Super Combo” connects four different water slides into one, taking you on a completely multifaceted water slide adventure. Even better: one aspect of this ride, the Sphere slide, is making its world water park debut as part of this complex attraction.

The Sphere is the newest signature waterslide from Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems in Turkey. The group introduced this new attraction at last year’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo, and seven of these slides are expected to open at facilities throughout Europe by next year. But Aqua Fantasy will be the first park to officially debut the slide.

Polin Navigatour water slide, part of Aqua Fantasy's Super Combo slide

The Sphere is manufactured by resin-transfer molding (RTM) closed molded composites production, which is the latest technology in waterslide technology. This manufacturing process (which is also used in automotive, marine, and aircraft industries) makes the waterslide manufacturing process much more eco-friendly. The slide comes out smooth and homogenous with a gleaming Magic Shine exterior all in one process, rather than having to go through multiple manufacturing stages.

The Sphere’s environmental consciousness factor is raised by another innovative patented feature: Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology. During daylight, the slide’s tubes come to life with a rainbow of shifting color visible both to riders and to guests standing outside the ride. The sunlight interacts with the slide’s material and the water inside to create a rather stunning visual effect, all without using electricity, LED lights, or phosphorous paint. Riders can enjoy a different visual wonderland every time they travel through the slide, as the spherical design takes guests on a different trajectory around the orb each time.

Polin Space Boat ride, part of Aqua Fantasy Super Combo

But the Sphere is just one aspect of the exciting “Super Combo”, which brings this new attraction together with three other popular Polin-designed attractions: the Space Boat, the Navigatour, and the Uphill Navigatour. Guests ride in a two-person tube which launches them from a dizzyingly high tower, down an enclosed tube, and into the Space Boat, gaining ever-increasing velocity along the way. Once they hit the vast open bowl of the Space Boat, centrifugal force whirls riders around and around until they plummet through the bottom and into a tunnel. From there, riders are carried up and down a series of pulse-pounding highs and lows via the hydro jets and water-injection propulsion that powers the Navigatour and Uphill Navigatour rides. Finally, guests are launched into the brand-new Sphere where they whirl through the perimeter of the smooth orb and enjoy a vivid light show before they splash out into the pool where their journey ends.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gee, that ride was thrilling, but I wish it lasted longer,” then Aqua Fantasy’s “Super Combo” is the attraction for you. This groundbreaking attraction will definitely appeal to pleasure-seekers and waterslide enthusiasts who want to get a little more bang for their buck.

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