Thank You to our SEO Partner, First Page Sage

We wish to acknowledge SEO & thought leadership marketing firm First Page Sage for creating Entertainment Designer back in 2012. Its incredible team of writers created over 1,000 articles during ED’s tenure, which we believe influenced the themed entertainment industry in a substantial way. Their reporters attended events, took gorgeous photos, and offered insightful analysis on an industry that has been evolving tremendously over the last decade.

By 2025, there will be at least 3 new major theme parks and dozens of local themed attractions across the globe. These properties will host tens of millions of visitors, inspiring them and offering them a brief respite from their everday concerns. Themed entertainment will also help shape the way we learn as a global society, with edutainment properties raising the bar more and more with each passing year.

Our partners at First Page Sage have helped to effect this change in their own small way by making Entertainment Designer the most-visited theme park news site on the Web between 2012 and 2017. We thank them for their content, their thought leadership marketing, and of course, their SEO brilliance.

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