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Zoos and aquariums have been an important part of how we explore and catalog our world for centuries. Once reserved for royalty, the first public zoo opened in Austria in 1765. Since then, much has changed in our perceptions of the environment and the natural world. Today, zoos and aquariums are much more than displays of interesting and exotic animals - they are also vessels for spreading the message about wildlife conservation. Aquariums, zoos and animal parks have had to balance their conservation goals with the needs of modern, tech-savvy audiences. Entertainment Designer showcases innovative aquariums, zoos, and wildlife exhibits that offer exciting experiences while staying true to the best interests of the animals presented.


The California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano

Posted on July 9, 2011

The redesigned California Academy of Sciences, a project lead by the architect Renzo Piano, has not only changed the landscape of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, but totally redefines the ...

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7 Most Incredible Underwater Restaurants and Hotels

Posted on September 27, 2010

Image: KTA Public Relations What could be more inviting than indulging oneself underwater – drinking fine wine, enjoying haute cuisine or simply relaxing in the lap of luxury

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