Experience design encompasses a broad range of attractions and venues that seek to inspire, thrill, or provide transcendence from the every day. Here you will read about fascinating pavilions, thought-provoking installations, themed public events, and cutting edge design across a wide variety of venues from libraries to brand experiences to dance clubs.


How San Francisco Will Transform Into Gotham City to Make One Important Wish Come True

Posted on November 5, 2013

Each year the Make-a-Wish Foundation grants countless wishes for children who are suffering from life-threatening medical conditions. Wishes range in scope and complexity, from meeting a favorite celebrity to having ...

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Salem: How One Small Town Embodies the Spirit of Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2013

Salem, Massachusetts is synonymous with Halloween. The city was home to the infamous 17th century Salem Witch Trials, which put 20 people to death and imprisoned as many as 150 ...

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Grolier Club Celebrates Babes with Brains at “Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine”

Posted on October 30, 2013

In case you didn’t know, the fields of science and medicine are scandalously short of women so an exhibit that honors four centuries of the rare women in these specialties ...

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DIY Horror in San Francisco

Posted on October 30, 2013

In an age of digital technology and indie websites, there are few areas of entertainment left inaccessible to DIY enthusiasts. These days, practically anyone with a computer has the power ...

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America’s Zombie Obsession: Special Effects, Theater, and Entertainment Design at Walking Undead Attractions

Posted on October 29, 2013

A barricade surrounds the warehouse, guarded by men in fatigues. Vehicles from the Federal Zombie Control Agency (FZCA) are parked haphazardly around the property. Dire signs warn "Zombie hunters only ...

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Entertainment on Cruise Ships Reaches New Heights

Posted on October 14, 2013

You know the saying – "it’s not the destination, it’s the journey"? Cruise ship innovations in entertainment design are making this even more apt and ensure the trip is equally ...

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Lose Yourself in Delusion this Halloween

Posted on October 10, 2013

Are you one of those with an iron will that doesn’t flinch at even the most terrifying of sights? Or are you likely to scream at the slightest start? No ...

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San Francisco Loses Wax Museum, Gains a Wizard and a Dungeon

Posted on October 3, 2013

Since 1963, the Fong family has owned and continually evolved San Francisco’s famous Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf. But a couple of months ago it was announced that the property ...

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How Brick and Mortar Stores Are Improving Customer Experience to Stay Alive

Posted on September 20, 2013

Online shopping is booming and as shipping prices continue to drop and online pricing grows more competitive by the day, it seems less enticing to get in our cars and ...

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Tokyo Attraction Salutes Historic Slum: Kowloon Walled City

Posted on September 18, 2013

Considering our current fascination with zombies and all things post-apocalyptic, is it any surprise that this trend has extended to amusement design? A new Tokyo entertainment venue – the Kawasaki ...

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