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Museums started as buildings that showcased a hodgepodge of objects with historical, artistic, or scientific significance. They have since evolved into thoughtfully designed experiences that take us on a journey across time and a multitude of subjects through thematic (and often interactive) galleries. Unlike other venues, museums have the unique privilege of showcasing some of the world's most cutting-edge architecture. Museum design is an area of immense potential: many museums are dogmatic and outdated, but here you will read of today's most inspiring examples.


Come In! S, M, L, XLA: Interactivity through Architecture

Posted on July 30, 2014

Architecture is, by its very nature, static – or so we’re often led to believe. The buildings that we design are structures that are safe, stable, and meant to endure. ...

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Why Are Robots Getting All the Museum Jobs?

Posted on July 29, 2014

The museum world is an unexpected nexus of innovation for robotics development and deployment. Museums are ahead of the curve in using robots for a wide variety of tasks, from ...

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How Technology is Being Used to Personalize the 9/11 Memorial Museum

Posted on July 7, 2014

On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on US soil rocked the nation. Now, more than 12 years after the event, the recently opened 9/11 memorial and museum has been erected ...

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STEM Concepts Through a Cultural Lens: The Museum of Science and Technology in Islam

Posted on July 2, 2014

STEM is a hot topic in science centers and museums around the world. One lens that's not as often discussed is how STEM exhibit design is tackled within the context ...

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A Balancing Act: How Museums Balance Cost Cuts with Theming Decisions

Posted on July 2, 2014

One of the major trends highlighted in this year’s Center for the Future of Museum’s 2104 TrendsWatch report was increasing pressure on museums to diversify their income streams. Many institutions ...

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Field Reports: The 2013 Theme and Museum Index Released

Posted on June 16, 2014

The Themed Entertainment Association has released the TEA/AECOM 2013 Theme Index & Museum Index in partnership with AECOM. The publication is considered to be the industry’s definitive attendance study, looking ...

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ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems

Posted on June 9, 2014

We recently explored the Center for the Future of Museum’s top trends in museum design, and one of the major themes was multisensory experiences. ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems ...

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What Trends Are Shaping The Future of Museums?

Posted on June 5, 2014

Last month, the American Alliance of Museums’ (AAM) Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) released its 2014 Trends Watch Report. The CFM is a component of the AAM designed ...

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Will the IKEA Museum Be “Some Assembly Required?” Ode to Affordable Swedish Goods Opens in 2015

Posted on May 29, 2014

IKEA – the home of mass produced meatballs and flatpacked furniture – is planning a museum in the location of its first store opened back in 1943 in Älmhult, Sweden. ...

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First Ever National Museum Devoted to the US Coast Guard Sets Sail in New London, CT

Posted on May 27, 2014

The Coast Guard is a highly valuable, but little lauded branch of the US armed forces that is the only branch that doesn't have a national museum all its own. ...

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