How Theme Parks Are Leveraging Guest Social Media Usage for Marketing     

Posted on August 13, 2015

The social media landscape is rapidly evolving and in turn having a direct impact on themed entertainment. Guests increasingly bring their smartphones and even sometimes tablets with them to attractions. ...

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Understanding Tech: “On You: A Story of Wearable Computing”

Posted on August 11, 2015

Wearable technology is one of today's hottest tech trends. From fitness devices to personal concierge services designed to make day-to-day life easier, companies and big thinkers are finding new ways to innovate. ...

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Why Is Everyone Focusing on Virtual Reality Theme Parks?

Posted on July 31, 2015

Virtual reality has been a hot topic in the entertainment design space. Venues from theme parks to museums are working to determine how best to integrate virtual reality and augmented ...

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Could VR Theme Parks Be A Reality by 2018?

Posted on July 20, 2015

The intersection of theme parks and technology has long been a major topic of discussion and recent innovations have captivated both media and consumer attention: Disney’s MyMagic + Bands, theme ...

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Designing the Human Experience of the HyperLoop

Posted on July 9, 2015

No aspect of travel is as dreaded as going to the airport. You take a long public transportation route or leave your car in long-term parking just to get there. ...

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How Historic Museums Are Focusing on Technology

Posted on July 1, 2015

A visit to the Metropolitan Museum is a non-negotiable for any trip to New York City. The museum is known for its wide ranging collections that run the gamut from ...

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Harry Potter’s Interactive Wands: Experiential Tech at Theme Parks

Posted on April 13, 2015

Could theme parks be the place where technology and magic truly intersect? Often, tech-related discussions focus on the latest themed app, a touch screen, or in-ride developments. But Universal Studios Florida ...

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Puy du Fou: How One French Theme Park is Pioneering Drones in Live Show Design

Posted on April 3, 2015

Drones are one of the hottest topics in technology today. From their potential to deliver orders for Amazon to the question of whether they’re really a fun “toy” for kids, ...

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What the Internet of Things Might Mean for Theme Parks, Museums, and Other Fun Places

Posted on January 21, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an intriguing idea. Basically, the concept goes like this: as more and more people use mobile devices and wearable technology, each person will walk ...

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The Role of Wearable Technology in the Museum Experience

Posted on January 15, 2015

Mobile apps and smartphones are a common sight in today’s leading cultural institutions and act as a gateway to deeper engagement and understanding. But just as museums have adapted to ...

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